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Dreamy wedding in Mallorca

Bespoke Mallorca Wedding Photography 



Hello, I am glad you are here!

I am Julie, a wedding photographer from Mallorca. I am happy you found me! 

If you are searching for the photographer for your wedding in Mallorca, it's me. If you like natural but yet by beauty and fashion inspired pictures, we are going to be a dream team!

Just check out my work and send me a message if you think we could be a perfect match. I can't wait to meet you!



     My goal is to capture your big day in a comfortable and cozy way, be close to you when you feel for it and give you space when you need it. 

     Sometimes I am in the middle of the action to hold all those great emotions, cheering up your guests and lighting some fire, sometimes I do a step back and change my perspective when I feel you would like to have a quiet moment together or with your loved ones.

     I see myself rather as a good friend as a service provider. I not only want to make you happy with my pictures, I also want to be someone who is giving you comfort and make you feel just great and relaxed during your wedding day!


How would I describe my clients? 

Well, since the most of weddings in Mallorca are destination weddings, my clients and their guests often have to travel thousands of miles to celebrate their big day in sunny Mallorca. That means a lot!

That also requires courage and spirit of adventure.

So, if you decided to live it up here, I can only consider you as bold, free spirited and vivid personality.

Let's have a party together!




It is your day.

Your Story.

It is all about you.

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